Becoming an IRIS Partner

IRIS is first and foremost a self-formed coordination body consisting of Science Activities and the Provider Entities which together we call its Partners.

Becoming a Science Activity
  • Please fill out the form here science_partner_application
  • Send to Jeremy Yates, Jon Hays and Daniela Bauer
  • The Resource Scrutiny and Allocation Panel (RSAP) will then consider the application.   This will mainly be to confirm that this is an already supported STFC Science Activity.
  • The RSAP will then write a short report for the Scientific and Technical Directors of IRIS, who will then consider if the application should be presented to the IRIS Delivery Board.   There may be some formative dialogue at this stage to ensure the suitability of the applicants Science Activity for IRIS.
  • The Delivery Board will then consider the application and approve/reject the application.
Becoming a Provider Entity

In Q1 of each year IRIS will issue calls to the IRIS Community for the provision of various hardware services which are designed to deliver the Resource Requests that have been requested in Q4 of the previous year.   These resources should be available to the Science Activities by 1st September of each year.

These calls will be advertised to the IRIS Technical Working Group and IRIS Delivery Board.

Only consider applying to provide services if you have a strong track record in delivering compute and data services for the STFC supported communities.   Domain knowledge is very important for our hardware services and our research computing instrumentation (i.e. hardware) should be regarded as integral to the various Science Activities we support.

For Further information contact the Technical Director (Andrew Sansum, andrew.sansum@STFC.AC.UK and the Director (Pete Clarke, )