Becoming an IRIS Partner

IRIS is fundamentally a coordination and resource providing body for STFC science computing. Any science area that needs computing, and is supported by STFC, has a right to participate in IRIS and use its resources.

IRIS philosophy is to be open and inclusive and so seeks to interpret this widely to include closely related activities and activities with which STFC has a de-facto relation. The onus is on such science activities to be aware that IRIS does not provide computing services, but is a venue to coordinate with others, share resources on a  mutual benefit basis, and to run its computing system upon the physical resources that IRIS can provide.

On this basis any science activity that is within STFC, or related to STFC, is welcome to contact IRIS with a view to joining the “collective”.

In the first instance we recommend contacting your scientifically closest member of the Delivery Board. If this is not obvious, or in any case, you are very welcome to contact the Scientific Director (Pete Clarke, ).