Delivery Board Members

Role Who
Project Director (Scientific) Pete Clarke
PDS Deputy Jeremy Yates
Project Director (Technical) Andrew Sansum
Project Manager Philip Jackson
Project Secretary John Kewley
SCD Tom Griffin, Gordon Brown
ALC Gordon Brown
CLF Alex Robinson
Diamond Andy Richards
ISIS Hannah Griffin
Culham CCFE Rob Akers
AstroCompute Bob Mann, George Beckett (LSST)
Anna Scaife, Paul Alexander (SKA)
Tom Kitching, Mark Holliman(EUCLID)
Paul Hopkins, Stephen Fairhurst (LIGO)
Nic Walton (GAIA and Astro Archive)
Particle Physics, Particle Astro Physics & Nuclear Roger Jones (ATLAS)
Andrew McNab (LHCb and DUNE)
Dave Colling (CMS and LZ)
Julian Osborne (CTA)
Dan Watts (Nuclear)
Jodrell Bank Alasdair Thomson, Robert Beswick
DiRAC Mark Wilkinson, Richard McMahon

Dave Britton

HARTREE Robert Pinning, Colin Morey
In attendance, always  
Chair of RSA Jon Hays
Chair of SAB T.B.A
In attendance, as invited  
Chair of CAP David Colling
Network liaison with JANET David Salmon
STFC Networks Philip Garrard