Rucio is a data management system, developed by LHC (Large Hadron Collider) experiments.

Built on more than a decade of experience in LHC experiments, Rucio serves the data needs of any modern scientific experiments. Rucio can manage large amounts of data, countless numbers of files, heterogeneous storage systems, globally distributed data centres, monitoring and analytics.

Rucio allows you to manage your data with expressive statements. You to say what you want, and let Rucio figure out the details of how to do it. For example, Three copies of my file on different continents with a backup on tape. You can also automatically remove copies of data after a set period or once its access popularity drops.

While Rucio is extremely scalable, the STFC Rucio Data Management Service is designed for smaller communities, with expected data needs up to tens of Petabytes. The fact that the underlying Rucio infrastructure is managed by STFC, allows communities to easily start using and or test Rucio with little setup cost required.

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