Resource Scrutiny & Allocation Process (RSAP)

Call for Resource Requests 2023/24: Overview

The IRIS Resource Request Call for resources needed from September 2023 onwards is now open.

IRIS will endeavour to fulfil all recommended allocations in a timely manner, subject to funding. In the meantime, existing allocations will be preserved. If additional resources are becoming available earlier than anticipated, they will be offered as soon as possible.   

All requests will be assessed by two independent reviewers and the resource allocation request panel as a whole will make a recommendation to IRIS as to whether to accommodate a request partially or fully. 

The required information for a resource request is in line with previous rounds, however, the format of the documents to submit has (moderately) changed. Please be sure to adapt your submission accordingly. Templates are available. The goal is to reduce the burden on both the submitters and the reviewers, if not in this round, then in the following years, while ensuring that IRIS fulfils its obligations to STFC.  

Application submissions and any questions you may have should be submitted to the Chair (

Note that applications for seedcorn allocations for new activities joining IRIS as Science Partners can be made at any time for the year by emailing the Science Director. However these allocations must be confirmed in the following RSAP round.

Documents to Submit

  1. IRIS Science Partner Document: This document establishes your eligibility as an IRIS science partner. Please refer to the guidance as to the format this document should take. For activities already established as IRIS Science Partners this approximately corresponds to what was previously called “Section 2: Science Programme supported by IRIS”. (If you do not have access to your previous application(s), please email and we will send you a copy.) After this year’s round, you will not be required to resubmit this document for future resource requests unless there are substantial changes to your science programme or funding status, or you have been asked to do so by the RSAP Chair or the Science Director.  
  2. New: IRIS Reporting Form. This form is required for every resource request. This document is for IRIS internal use only and will not be forwarded to the reviewers. 
  3. Resource Request: Please note the guidance for the required format. While this document asks for projections for the years beyond this resource request call, a new submission is still required each year. Unlike in previous RSAP rounds, you do not need to submit a separate spreadsheet.
  4. Statement of delineation: In cases where two closely related science activities submit separate requests these might be asked to submit an additional document showing that there is no overlap between the requests. If such a statement for your is needed you will be contacted by the RSAP chair in due course. 


October 19th 2022  RSAP call opens 
November 15th 2022  RSAP call closes 
December 8th 2022  Feedback to submitters given 
January 7th 2023  Final deadline  
January 10th 2023  Proposals go out to reviewers 
Late February/Early March 2023  RSAP meets 
Mid-March 2023  Recommendation presented to IRIS DB 
April 2023  Recommendations send to submitters 
September 2023  Resources available to submitters 


Resource Request Documents


Science Partner Guidance Document

Resource Request Guidance Document


IRIS Science Partner Template

IRIS Resource Request Template

IRIS Reporting Form

One handy link to the directory containing all the files relevant to a resource request.

The RSAP reviewer conflict of interest policy.