How to join IRIS

Who is eligible to join IRIS?

IRIS is fundamentally a coordination and resource providing body for STFC digital research infrastructure. As such any science area that needs computing, and is supported by STFC, is welcome to participate in IRIS and use its resources. The IRIS philosophy is to be open and inclusive and so seeks to interpret this widely to include closely related activities and activities with which STFC has a de-facto relation.

It is important to understand that IRIS is a self-service infrastructure providing organisation. IRIS can provide resource allocations, tools and building blocks but you must be able to architect and manage your own computing requirements. As a community project we do expect partners to involve themselves in working groups and contribute to the growth of the community.

Potential scientific partners

If you are interested in joining IRIS please reach out to your ‘scientifically closest’ member of the delivery board(DB) to discuss if IRIS may be able to support you.

Potential eInfrastructure providing partners

Any new potential provider should contact the Technical Director Andrew Sansum and Scientific Director Jonathan Hays