IRIS Governance Structure

IRIS is a cooperative project built from a community need. As such it is critical that decisions are made in a transparent and inclusive manner that is aligned with the partner community’s priorities and needs.

The table below shows the full set of IRIS bodies that interact to govern the project.

Group Approx. Frequency Membership Purpose
Delivery Board Monthly Designated representative for all IRIS partners Decision making body of IRIS including representation for all key stakeholders. Receives reports from all IRIS sub projects on a quarterly basis. Holds the authority to make major decisions.
Project Admin Weekly Project core staff Day to day management of the IRIS project including low impact decision making
Technical Working Group Bi-weekly Technical staff for activities receiving IRIS allocations and providers Discuss, present and share matters of interest to technical staff within the IRIS community.
TWG-OPS Bi-weekly Technical staff for activities receiving IRIS allocations and providers Review status of IRIS allocations, services and products. Troubleshoot any current issues and encourage collaborative problem solving.
RSAP Yearly Specially selected panel To scrutiniser requests for allocations and predictions of need from scientific activities. Decide which activities can be supported and set allocations. Provide an overall picture of to allow planning of spend to meet needs.
STFC PRC Monthly External STFC IRIS reports to the PRC including finances and key risks
Resource Review Quarterly Representative from ALL activities receiving IRIS allocations Review actual usage vs allocations to ensure maximum usage of DRI possible
Collaboration Meeting Yearly All stakeholders Share status and direction of IRIS overall, discuss items of interest to the community and the future of IRIS.

The principal officers of IRIS are:

  • Jon Hays (Scientific Director)

  • Andrew Sansum (Technical Director)

  • Philip Jackson (Project Manager)

  • John Kewley (Project Secretary)

Further detail can be found in the IRIS Organisational Structures document

A full list of Delivery Board members can be found here